Greetings.  I am a rock climber of a certain age (heading towards mid-point of my sixth decade if you must know) who is trying to improve at the sport before becoming totally clapped out.  To give myself a bit of a push in the right direction I have set myself three climbing challenges to be achieved by the year end:

  1. Climb a sports route graded 7c.
  2. Succeed on a boulder problem of font 7a (V6)
  3. Climb 50 routes in a day.

This blog exists to document my progress towards these goals.  I created it for personal reasons as an aid towards achieving these challenges by publicising my intent and thereby making it harder for me to give up.  Whether anyone else finds the blog interesting or not will be purely incidental.  So if you follow this blog and find yourself becoming bored – sorry, but such are being life.  Talking of which, what you won’t discover on this blog is the meaning of life.  This has been previously established at 42.

Maggot Brain (might not be my real name)